The idea of setting up Wine Exquisites was conceived one hot August night over dinner. A few friends gathered every weekend for dinner and each always brought a good bottle of new wine the rest had never tasted before. To them, finding a good bottle of wine that everyone enjoys, brings on a childish sense of achievement and happiness. It is the joy of sharing a good bottle of wine that made Wine Exquisites possible.

Wine Exquisites is a niche player in the wine business. We are constantly on the lookout for special, family-owned, new or established good vineyards to work with. Currently, Wine Exquisites represent and exclusively distribute special wines from boutique vineyards from Australia, New Zealand, Chile, South Africa, USA France and Argentina. The largest vineyard produces about 50,000 cases of wine a year to the smallest with not more than 2,000 cases a year.

With growing awareness of the benefits of wine drinking and a larger population of wine lovers in recent years, we believe there is demand for good wines and not necessarily very very expensive. Nowadays, many wine consumers are confronted with the dilemma of selecting a good wine from the numerous labels on supermarket shelves. The portfolio of wines of Wine Exquisites is strictly boutique and that means not a single label is found on the supermarket shelves. Hence each label from the special vineyards we represent is truly unique, high quality and delicious........truly boutique!

Wine Exquisites wants to help the consumer take out the guesswork when it comes to buying a good bottle of wine. Customers can browse through our website and know more about the wine that they want to buy e.g. any medal/s it has won, information about the vineyard, etc. Customers are hence able to make informed buying decisions from the comfort of their homes. Wine Exquisites maintains high standards towards its selection and choices of special wines, keeping high quality at reasonable prices.

Wine Exquisites’ conviction is to bring and enjoy very fine wines with our customers and business partners. We look forward to fulfilling all our customers’ wine needs.

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